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We are a german dealer for new and used machines for the fastener industry.

We can offer all machines for producing screws, nails, nuts, bolts and all other fastener products. Also you can ask for heating systems or all other products which you need to produce this parts.

For clearing problems do not hesitate to contact us.

In our work shop, with first class staff, we are also rebuild and repair it in order for our customers. Please send us your inquiries.The basic design of older machinery gives us sufficient technical scope for rebuilding and modernisation. The reincorporation of those rebuilt machines in the production process can be described as a cost efficient and modern step towards progress. Despite a tight investemnt framework, we can offer our custumers a competitive product and a leading market position combined with further development in the field of metal forming.

Our service:We guarantee increased econmoic efficiency.


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New at Maschinen Schröder :

We are able to offer new sorting maschine at present, please sent us your enquiries.

Technical details

1.Feeding system

·Stainless steel vibrating bowl, able to feed properly the machine

·1st rolls couple system, to reject larger size head parts

·2nd rolls couple , longer than the first one, able to reject small head parts and to orientate properly the -good- parts towards the transport dial

·1 vibrating rails couple, for the final orientation and feeding to the transport dial

·1 fixed rails couple, very near the transport dial, able to guaranty always the best operating conditions, in a so important region of the machine

It is easy to deduce the particular attention paid to the whole feeding system, in order to guaranty the most continuous operating conditions, without man presence.

2.Measuring unit

·1 transport dial, with slots shaped on product diameter, equipped by continuously variable speed, and back rotation in case of clogging.

3. control stations

equipped by matrix video cameras:

1.over the head

2.head side

3.shank side

·Rejecting device, air driver, -zero- reject logically managed: if there is doubt, also the good part is not accepted

4.Control unit

The control unit, so as video cameras, are manufactured by one of the most prestigious Italian supplier, while the SoftWare is manufactors property.

Dimensional characteristics

Screws diameter 3 - 12 mm

Head diameter 4 - 16 mm

Under head length 80 mm

The system can be partially modified and customer taylored, in order to check particular parts or parameters.

Inspected parameters

The system is able to check more than 10 parametrs/part, such as:

·Head diameter

·Head heighty

·Recess presence and quality

·Superficial colour

·Groove diameter (if any)

·Turned diameter (if any)

·Underhead length

·Point quality

·Thread angle

·External thread diameter

Working speed

The working speed can be varied continuously, from 0 to 500 parts/min

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